Rishabh Tripathi

Nov 14 2022

Hello World!

So it all started almost a year back. I had a decent website built on top of a Gatsby starter. The starter had a section for blogs, but I deleted it, as back then, I didn’t have any content to put there. One day I thought about writing my first blog post on the website. Before moving ahead, I was unsatisfied with the current design. And I decided to redesign my website. I wanted a simple minimalist website. With an introduction, a section for blog posts, and details about my projects. So I took my time and redesigned the website. Once I redesigned it, I wrote a blog post and felt quite happy about this.

Just kidding, I thought about replacing Gatsby with a new cutting-edge framework, and Astro was a new cool kid in town. I started the task of migrating my website from Gatsby to Astro. As you can see where this is going, once I migrated, it was time to choose a perfect font. I went down the rabbit hole and settled on Josefin Sans. Something was still missing from the website. I figured out it was missing a lame-ass animation. Cool added that too. After wasting so much time on all this stuff, I forgot why I even started doing them. A few months passed as I got busy with my other side projects. One day a couple of months back, I revisited the website’s repository, and everything was looking good. It was the perfect time to write my first blog. But wait, Astro had a stable release. Why not first upgrade it to the latest version? There were some breaking changes. I made some fixes, and in the end, everything was working fine. But as you would have guessed, I didn’t write a blog that day.

I was visiting the graveyard of my unfinished side projects yesterday and saw this website. Learning from my past mistakes, I didn’t open any ide or code editor. I opened a simple text editor and started tinkering with some ideas. Generally, it is hard to think up ideas on what to write. But this time, my head was full of them, and I wasted several hours trying to settle on one idea. I closed my laptop and thought about how long I had procrastinated on it. Then I had an epiphany it would be perfect if the first blog post on this website would be about how I procrastinated to write the first blog post.